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How to Trick Food Cravings

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The craving you are feeling maybe a sign of a levels deficiency and the way your body may react in those scenarios. The following could be of help next time your are in front of the refrigerator or deciding what to eat.

Chocolate Cravings

If you crave for Chocolate may be a sign of low Magnesium levels and your chocolate craving can be reduced if you eat: dark chocolate, nuts, or seeds.

Oily Foods Cravings

When you are craving for oily foods such as hamburgers, empanadas, pizza it may be a sign of Calcium low levels and you can substitute the craving with Salmon, Cheese, or Green Vegetables.

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Pasta or Bread Cravings

To overcome pasta, pizza, or bread cravings you can have dark green leaf vegetables to provide your body with the Nitrogen levels required in your body.

Caffeine/tea Cravings

If you are constantly feeling to have some coffee, it may be a sign that your body has an iron or sulfur deficiency. You can increase the levels by eating kale, spinach, or cabbage together with Vitamin C to increase absorption.

Soda/Carbonate Drinks Cravings

If this is your case, it is important to recognize that your body may be saying about your low Calcium levels or it also maybe a sign of being thirsty. You can have water, milk, or an orange.

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