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5 Foods to Prevent Cell Aging and Damage


One of the most important functions in the human body is cell protection and damage prevention called antioxidant process. Food is the main source of antioxidants and here are the most important ones to support the this function. As possible, eat a big portion of these ingredients daily and enjoy the benefits.


Its creamy texture contains lycopene beta-carotenes, and omega-3. High source of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B and K.


Rich in vitamin A, K, and C. It also offers a great source of Glutathione that increase antioxidant production and creating the mechanism for eliminating free radicals.

Red Cabbage: Rich in anthocyanins that helps to reduce inflammation risks, gut friendly fiber, and provides critical nutrients K2 and B12. Reduces the risk of heart disease and blood pressure.

Tomatoes: High in antioxidant enzymes, carotenoids, tocopherols, and chlorophyl that are responsible for decreasing risk of some cancer types.

Beans: Lastly has been found their antioxidant power and a great help to fight diseases preventing the oxidative stress in process that cause Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease.

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